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By the new millennium, the construction companies under Yesilkaya group expanded to a point where the Groups main income and focus shifted mainly in construction. By 2017, Yesilkaya group completed a wide range of projects which included universities, hospitals, warehouses, factories, high rises, airport hangers and government housings.


During these projects which required a specific skill set for each specific Project, Yesilkaya Group started to shape it’s construction company into an all-inclusive real estate and construction consulting company that delivered turnkey built to suit projects.


Their services include but  are not limited to:


         finding land in accordance with the clients’ needs,

         getting necessary government and zoning permits,

         research for the best possible building that would be built with the most relevant technology that would meet the clients’ needs and specifications,

         preparing the architectural, electrical, technical drawings and models of the buildings,

         timely construction of the specific buildings.


In addition to their all-inclusive, under one roof service, Yesilkaya Group, offers their clients who has a solid credit background, a long-term, irrevocable, rent agreement where Yesilkaya Group purchases a mutually agreed land and constructs a client specified building and rents it to the client.

During the past decade, this new concept became very popular amongst both national and multinational entities that rather rent a building made to their specifications than to tie up a large portion of their capital on a building. Below are some of these turnkey, long term projects that are built and rented under irrevocable, long term contracts and their total square footage.

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