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HEPSIBURADA.COM logistics warehouse has gross leasable area of  551.000 square feet. The building was built in two storeys due to the difference of the elevation in the area. Entrances and exits of each floor are in different locations. Each floor has a net height of 46.20 feet.

In addition, there are  total of 4 floors of mezzanine area in the warehouse with 2 separate mezzanine floor areas on each floor.
The carrying capacities are planned as 4 tn / sqm. There are also 5 large freight elevators circulating vertically.

Each floor has its own truck entrance and the total numbers of loading doors and ramps are 51 units. 26 ramps are a situated at the first floor and 25 ramps are situated at the second floor. Additionaly one bigger size entrance door avaible in each floor for truck and trailer entrance to the bulding
 Fire prevention and protection system was projected and manufactured according to NFPA and FM standards.


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