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Koton logistics warehouse long-term contracted to Koton is located in Gebze Güzeller Industrial Zone in Gebze, Kocaeli TURKIYE. This Industrial Zone is located in the center of the transportation hub, therefore it is a highly demanded Industrial Zone. In this building, Koton performs most of its inbound and outbound deliveries including web-based sales from scratch to packaging and labeling. This building also serves Koton's solution partners such as local and international freight forwarders, product representatives and so on. 500 plus employees are positioned in this building which they call KOTON 1.
The building is constructed in two floors with total indoor space of 49.350 square meters (530.660 square feet) on an 31.300 square meters (336.911 square feet) of land. The first floor is 27.600 square meters (297.084 square feet) and the second floor is 21.750 square meters (234.115 square feet). Each floor has its own truck entrance and 7.500 square meters (80.730 square feet) of operational open service space for parking, loading and unloading. In both floors the height is 12.50 meters from ground to fire sprinklers of net height. 

There are 47 ergonomic ramps with telescopic docking levelers, vehicle restraints and cushion dock shelters. 25 of these ramps are located in the first floor and 22 ramps are located in the second. Additionaly one bigger size entrance door avaible in each floor for truck and trailer entrance to the bulding if needed. Fire prevention and protection systems are projected and manufactured according to NFPA and FM standards. The building is highly sophisticated in terms of latest construction, warehousing and sorting technologies. Koton was recently purchased by a globally investing fund. Their insurance inspectors, since their inspection of KOTON 1, have been showing this building as an example to their clients.

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